Don't be late to the interview

Consequences of being late

First impressions count.

No matter how bad traffic was there is absolutely no excuse for arriving late to the interview. By being late It is possible to kill the interview even before it started. Being late truly is departmental to you landing the job.

Why you should be 15 minutes early

To your interviewer arriving 15 minutes early will always give a great first impression. Where applicable be sure to check in with reception and take a seat when asked. Arriving earlier than 15 minutes however, may be seen as creepy.

You'll be able to relax and grow comfortable with your surroundings.

If you are really early don't be afraid to kill time waiting in your car or a near by coffee shop. Use this time as preparation.

Consider going over common interview questions and answers, company information or even just mentally prepare your self.

How to be on time

Consider allowing an extra half and hour or more to your travailing time especially when catching public transport.

When driving in know exactly where parking is available.

Set more than one alarm clock.

Get a good nights sleep the night before.

What to do if you are late

You want to avoid this scenario at all costs. As soon as you realize that you wont make it to your interview on time, be sure to call as soon as possible. Be honest when giving a reason for your lateness. When you do arrive you'll have a lot of convincing that your still are a worthy candidate. Do apologize and move forward.