What to wear to the interview

First impressions count.

Deciding on what to wear can be influenced on the job role or indeed industry. If in doubt try to imagine what the interview would be wearing and mirror accordingly. Not every job interviewer will expect you to wear a suit of some kind. Even so you still need to look sharp. Research the company's dress code and step it up a notch for the interview.

The visual message you send makes a big difference in how you're perceived and ultimately whether or not you get the job.

For men


A two-piece suit is always the best and safest choice. Don't combine a suit jacket with pants that don't match. Keep it conservative. Trend towards darker colors.


White long sleeved is best. You can also consider pastel colors.


For the interview be conservative. Consider a solid striped tie. When you land the job there will be many opportunities you you to strut your creative flair.


A man needs a belt. You should never consider going without one. Belts should ideally match your shoe color. Avoid huge buckles.


Choose a dark color. Consider black or navy.


Consider dark shoes. Black lace ups are best. Your shoes should be polished and not in disrepair.


Research reveals that the best type of cologne for an interview is one that smells 'fresh' and 'clean'. Avoid others such as 'fruity' and 'old spice'. Only use a small amount.

Facial hair

Ideally you want to be cleanly shaven. Many experts seem to believe that mustaches and beards may be a drawback. In any case you need to look clean. Be sure that any facial hair is well trimmed and presentable.


Avoid excessive jewelry. Men should limit this to a wristwatch, cufflinks, and a wedding band if applicable. Less is more and will promote a professional image.

For women


Consider a two-piece matched suit. Suggested colors include navy, dark grey, brown, black.

Shirt / Blouse

Should be a solid color. Avoid dressing provocative. Be your garment contrasts well with your outfit. Avoid heavily laced or ruffled items. Consider cotton or silk.


Consider neutral colors which are semi transparent that compliment your outfit. Avoid patterns.


Avoid fashionable extremes. Choose a conservative style which you'll be comfortable in.

Make up

Less is more. Only use minimal amount. Avoid bright lipstick colors.


Choose a scent that is not over powering. Use a small amount.


Avoid excessive jewelry. Consider a pair of earrings, wrist watch and wedding band if applicable. Less is more and will promote a professional image.