Job interview checklist

Days leading up to the interview

  • Explore the prospected employers website
  • Try on what you'll be wearing the day of the interview - See: What to wear to the interview
  • Clean / polish your shoes
  • Review your resume. Be sure you can elaborate on any points
  • Print off extra copies of your resume to bring
  • Confirm / compile a list of referees with up to date contact information
  • Be well groomed - Clean and trim finger nails - more information on grooming
  • Prepare a list of possible questions to ask the interviewer
  • Review / anticipate common interview questions and answers
  • Practice a mock interview with a close friend
  • Research salary information
  • Have a good dinner and get a good nights sleep
  • Remember to set your alarm clock

On the day of the interview

  • Have a good breakfast
  • Allow enough traveling time - Consider adding an extra half and hour to allow for any possible delays particularly with public transport - See: Don't be late to the interview
  • Turn of your mobile phone just before your job interview
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Visit the restroom and check your appearance
  • Check in with reception and make a great first impression. Many interviewers will ask for the receptionists opinion once you have left

After the interview

  • Send a thank you letter / note - See: Thank you letters
  • If your unsuccessful landing the job don't burn any bridges