What to bring to the interview

This is your chance to show your interviewer that your a candidate who is switched on and organized.

When deciding on what to bring to your interview be concise. Below are items you may wish to consider.



Pen and Paper

Use these simple props to show that your organized. Choose a conservative blue ink pen. As for paper a simple note pad or lecher pad.

Extra copies of your resume

There is a good chance that your interviewer will have a print out ready. If appropriate be sure to confirm and offer to issue a copy if required.

Job advertisement / job description / supporting research material

This will reinforce that you have researched / prepared for the position.

Plastic folder / binder

This is were you'll be able to keep most of the above. Just be sure that it is of reasonable quality. Consider a item which is transparent, this way you can show (indirectly) that you have prepared well for the interview.

Your portfolio

If applicable be sure to bring in quality examples of what you are capable of. It's a chance to really impress your interviewer.

Drivers license or appropriate photo identification

Your ID may be called upon when completing a further application form or security check.


May be required for lunch or parking.

You appointment calendar

This will come in handy if your interviewer would like to meet with you again. It also means that you know exactly the next time free and reinforce how organized your are.