Site visits

What is a site visit?

The purpose of a site visit is is to see if you are well suited to the particular job role.. During the site visit you may have the opportunity to:

  • Meet future bosses and coworkers.
  • Asses the company's work environment / culture
  • Find out about what a typical day consists of etc.

A site visit may be suggested by your job interviewer prior to a job interview or granted upon request. It may also occur after your resume has been short listed, whist on a phone interview, in liaising with your job interviewer, etc.

Making arrangements for the site visit

When setting a date and time to meet on site consider the following:

  • Specifics of company location including possible directions.
  • Where to check in

If you currently hold a job be sure to consider your current employer.

Is a site visit an interview?

Yes. A site visit requires the same amount of preparation as the big job interview. If you don't make a good impression on your site visit, chances are that you wont be invited back for a possible interview.

Before you going to a site visit research the following:

Site visit do's and don'ts



  • Do make a great first impression
  • Do be yourself
  • Do use small talk
  • Do take notes where appropriate
  • Do send a thank you letter once your visit is over
  • Don't chew gum
  • Don't be late