Job interviews: The good news

Being invited to attend an interview is cause for celebration. For most vacant positions only a small handful of candidates (between 5 and 7) are short listed and invited for an interview.

Chances are that your resume / cover letter have served you well and has painted a picture that you are able to fulfil the basic job requirements. You wont find many job interviewers wanting to meet with someone who they believe is under qualified / a 'no hoper'. Furthermore your handicaps (if any) have been accepted as presenting no significant problem. Your aim now is to reinforce the points on your resume which have made you attractive to the interviewer.

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of job interviewers have no formal job interview skills. This is great news for you. Once you have learned all that you can and prepared well for the interview, you will know more about the process than most interviewers. For the interviewer this can be a refreshing experience being able to interview someone who is so well prepared. Obviously this will put you in great stead for landing the job.