Job interview tips

  1. Research the company
  2. Smile and be enthusiastic
  3. Know your key strengths
  4. Use small talk just before your interview
  5. Avoid smoking before your interview
  6. Never talk ill of your previous employer
  7. Don't chew gum during the interview
  8. Practice a mock interview with a friend
  9. Arrive 15 minutes early
  10. Make a good first impression
  11. Deliver the right handshake
  12. Expect to feel a bit nervous
  13. Don't sit down until you are offered a seat
  14. Be well Groomed
  15. Answer questions concisely and be prepared to give further detail
  16. Bring extra copies of your resume to the interview
  17. Give 1 to 2 minute responses to questions
  18. Be prepared to elaborate on your resume
  19. Use body language to show interest
  20. Be open and honest
  21. Ask for clarification if you are unsure of a question
  22. Get a good night's sleep before your interview
  23. Use deodorant
  24. Avoid bringing up salary talk in the first interview
  25. Turn your mobile off before entering the building
  26. Ask at least 3 intelligent questions
  27. Use your interviews name
  28. Avoid things that jingle in your pocket like keys or coins
  29. Use proper English - avoid slang
  30. In the interview don't keep checking your watch for the time
  31. Use humour were appropriate
  32. Conclude with a sincere statement of interest for the position
  33. Thank your interviewer(s)
  34. Send a thank you letter
  35. Don't ever give up!